Monday, May 31, 2010

Meeting Authors

Hey Friends, Here at YAFF we have been really busy! We recently met three authors in the last month. It has been so much fun. Angie met Claudia Gray and had a great time talking to her about her Evernight series which Angie has been reading and enjoying. Spencer, Angie, myself, along with Jessy who is now with Chapter chicks got to meet Sarah Rees Brennan and Holly Black who were touring together. We laughed till we were sore! :D Holly and Sarah were so funny together , they did a little skit for us and talked about researching for their books. Vids will be up soon on our youtube channel. Both vids are already up of them reading from their books. Holly read from her new book, White Cat, which we all got signed. Sarah read from the first book in her series called The Demon's Lexicon. She is touring for the second book in the series, but took a vote and most people wanted to hear from the first one including us becuz we didnt want any spoilers, we havent read the first book yet.

Next for us is The smart Chicks kick it tour! It is in September. YAY!

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