Thursday, August 11, 2011

Re-read "City of Ashes"

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments Series #2)City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

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I just finished re-reading this book. I am really enjoying going back through the story, there are so many "clues" to the ending plot that I get to catch this time around. Cassandra Clare is one of my favorite writers. Her characters have very distinct personalities. They are witty, charming and mostly loveable! Jace is just the ultimate GOOD bad boy, Simon is the witty best friend/vampire and then u have Magnus Bane whom I am so delighted, excited and over-joyed to get to know! I think I could read 10 books strickly focused on Magnus and it would not be enough!

On the subject of re-reading. I strongly encourage you to do this! I never was someone who would rewatch a movie OR reread a book, but Twilight made me do this, LOL. Because when u are going into "Edward" withdraws, what else can a girl do, right? So while rereading Twilight, I realized how much I had either forgotten or foreshadowing that you totally get now that you know the whole story. Also, I tend to "rush" the read, flipping pages as quickly as I can to find out what will happen. The second time around you can really sit back and enjoy the read. If your characters are in peril, it still is upsetting and heart-wrenching (SPOILER ALERT for MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series........)like suffering through thinking that or not knowing whether Jace and Clary are REALLY sister and Brother! UGH! (Let's just get it out there, that I REFUSED to believe that this was the case, and even if it WAS the case, I DIDNT care! LOL) I wanted them together regardless, horrible isnt it? hahaha So to wrap things up, please reread your favorite books.

Idea: Add a Re-read shelf to your goodreads account and keep up with your rereads. So far, I have reread, Twilight, Harry Potter, and the first two books of The Mortal Instruments, and now am rereading Ally Carter's Heist Society!

Have fun and Happy Re-reading :) --Gina

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