Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Host in Paperback

Good news paperback/softback fans! Stephenie Meyer's The Host will finally be released in paperback! The release date is set for April 13th, 2010. Not only will you be getting the paperback version of the book, but you will get bonus features including an interview with Stephenie Meyer, a new never before seen bonus chapter, discussion topics and questions, and Stephenie's playlist. How many of you are planning on buying it? Also, if you are buying it, do you already own it in hard back or are you just reading it for the first time?

Let us know!
Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Only in paperback? I've had the paperback since 2008! Mind you still waiting for the Breaking Dawn paperback.

YA Fiction Freaks said...

Geezel! What country do you live in if you don't mind me asking? I hate that they release things on different dates in different countries.

GeeGee said...

aaaaahhhhhhh! I want this soooooo badly! I am totally getting it! Extras? YAY....YAY!

Anonymous said...

I'm from the UK. Breaking Dawn hasn't even been released in eBook format over here as far as I can tell, which is annoying because I've just re-read the others on my ereader.

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