Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking for New Books

Hey freaks! Jessica here. I just spent the last twenty minutes staring at my bookshelf, wondering what to read. I picked up a book and thought "aha! That's the one!" I smelled it, and then another book on my shelf caught my eye. So I would put down the book that just moments ago was 'the one' and sniff a new book, wondering if it is the one I've been waiting for. Finally, after doing this with every single book I own and have not read, I called my fiance up to make the final decision. He said, "I don't know anything about these books." And I said, "I know, and your ignorance on them makes you the perfect person to make an unbiased decision on what I should read." This got me to thinking, since this is the general routine for me after I finish a book and am ready to grab another, how do you freaks decide what to read when EVERYTHING looks so good? Any particular techniques? Is it as difficult for you as it is for me? Go to our facebook to let me know. The link is in the contact us section at the bottom of every page. It is in the discussion tab of the facebook page. :)



Alex said...

I use a random number generator. HAHA

Sapphire said...

I read them in the order I bought them.

Lost In Lit said...

For some reason I cannot find your facebook page. When I click the link at the bottom of the page, it takes me to my facebook home page. When I search, I only find the old group. Suggestions?

By the way, LOVE the site and youtube videos!

Lost In Lit said...

I can never choose which book to read next without some sort of great inner debate. I have about 20-30 on my shelf that I have yet to read, which makes it very hard to make a solid decision on what to read next. I'll have one in my hand, then another on the shelf will catch my eye, and before I know it I have 6 books spread out on my bed, chin in hand, trying to narrow it down to one.

This isn't very helpful, but know that you aren't alone in your struggle. :o)

YA Fiction Freaks said...

Alex, you use a WHAT?! Lol

Sapphire, what do you do when you buy more than one at once? Because, I generally buy 3-5. Lol

And Lost in Lit, I have NO idea why that would be happening. I'll have to ask Gina and get back to you. / It is a never ending struggle avid readers will be and have faced for centuries I'm sure. GRR to so many yummy things to read!

Sapphire said...

The first one I pick at the book store ; )

YA Fiction Freaks said...

I suppose that makes sense! Lol! I can never remember though. I kinda just run through and pick the things I want all in one swift motion.

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