Saturday, July 3, 2010

Midnight Release of Eclipse

Yes, YA FF went to the midnight release of the Twilight Saga film Eclipse! We had a lot of fun. The whole gang plus more were there. There were 13 of us and the chapter chicks also were there.
I have to tell this funny story. Jessy and Stacy were getting there at THE LAST MINUTE because they had to wait on a friend to get off work. So at about 11:45, I texted Jessy and said sorry, but everyone is settled into their seats and they just started the movie! She texted back and said, u mean the previews or the actual movie. I told her yes, the actual movie! She was so bummed and I didnt think she would believe me, so then i felt REALLY bad. So I told her I was totally joking! She said her heart broke right into! I then felt REALLY, REALLY bad. BUT , i have to admit it was still funny! LOL Jessy is soooo easy to tease, she falls for it EVERY time! hee hee

But, after that little story, now for my opinion of the movie. I think each film has been a step up from the last one. But there is still a "lower budget" feel to these movies? WHY? The only thing that I can figure is that Summit knows they can keep MOST of the profits becuz the Twilight movie was made on a "shoe string budget" compared to other films and fans went crazy over it anyway. So I dont think they put as much into it as they could? (The motorcylce scene in "New Moon" hahaha, U could totally tell that it wasnt Bella moving but the scenery was sliding by the motorcycle in the background! ) LOL

But even though there is that "low budget" feel, I still love to see the book come alive. Just wonder if the movie wouldve been better with Warner Bros? (HP films , Dark Knight) or New Line? (Lord of the Rings)......Guess one will NEVER know....:(

Also, I know I will probably be slammed for saying this, but Kristen Stewart was THE WRONG CHOICE for Bella. (My pic wouldve been the girl who plays in the Vampire Diary Series) Even my husband says shes ugly! She is def. not a great actor. I just had a friend watch Twilight, New Moon in one night and then went and seen Eclipse and one of the first things she said to me was I didnt really care for the girl who plays Bella! This friend has never heard me say anything about my opinion AND she hasnt read the books! So thats, that....

Favorite Part of Eclipse: Scenes with Jasper and his story! He's a great actor. AND the tent scene (cuz Kristen is "asleep") LOL

Books ALWAYS Better, Gina

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