Monday, January 17, 2011

Old Habits : Melissa Marr

My rating: of 5 stars

Oh MY! I can not get enough of the "Wicked Lovely" world and its characters! This book is mainly about what Irial and Niall were doing after Niall taking over the dark court (unwilling , of course at this point) I really love that Melissa Marr is putting out all these short stories, it allows so much more time in the world that we can spend! Every book Niall is sexier and sexier LOL and Irial too! If u love a GOOD, but BAD boy, these are the books for you!

Cant wait for Darkest Mercy. I was at the "smart chicks kick it tour" and met Melissa Marr and she told me that the character that she thinks will be picked for Niall is awesome and that I would love him! eeeekkkkk....... :D

Wicked Lovely is a definetly MUST read. When u start reading the series , it can be a little confusing until u get used to the fey world, if u have any questions , please send me a message on goodreads, becuz I would love to discuss it with you.

Happy Reading :)

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