Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beauty QueensBeauty Queens by Libba Bray

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hmmm.........What do I say about this book???
I liked it at times
I wanted it to be over at times
I giggled at times
One word to sum up this book to me would be, silliness! Not that that is a bad thing but the word silly is what first pops into my mind when thinking of this book.

I love the cover, in fact it is what drew up to the book.

I do think that if I actually read this book, I would've quit on it and not made it through. But, I listened to the audio which was entertaining. Libba Bray herself does the audio, she does all the voices and she is fantastic at them!

My favorite character was Miss Texas, but she is missing for the better half of the last part.

It wasn't what I expected. This is a great story idea and I wish it would've been on a more serious note. So it wasn't that the writing was bad, it just isn't my style. I would have rather it have been a little more "real" instead of so out there. It has "commercial breaks" and even though they were ridiculous and made up products, I HATE commercials, so I didn't like that part of the book at all.

I gave this book a 3, because I liked it okay. It wasn't so bad, that I was thinking I wasted my time, but it wasn't a book that I will talk a lot about and/or recommend.

Shocking thing is, I read the "Gemma Doyle" series and I can't believe that those books were written by the same author. It is night and day, like maybe she took drugs while writing this book! lol

Final thought: If you want and/or really enjoy goofy, silly "out-there" kind of stories with no real meat to them, this would be for you. But otherwise, you will probably not enjoy it.

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